Bible Fun Camp

Bible Fun Camp will have all the fun activities of Recess Fun Camp only there will be time set aside for discussions and stories centered around Biblical themes. There are many exciting  stories from the Bible that capture the imagination of a child while teaching strong moral character. When I was young I was enamored with the strength of Samson, the bravery of David and the boldness of Esther. Each of these stories and many others have are inspiring and encourage self-sacrifice. Second chances

There is so much negativity and anxiety among youth in our culture and there seems to be little success in bringing peace to young minds. Through fun, care-free games and activities as well inspirational spiritual themes my hope is for every camper to come away with 

I think one of the most profound things I've learned through scripture is to understand my own imperfection. Learning to accept my own flaws helped me learn to forgive others. On the surface things often look life is perfect but every one you see is going through something difficult or one of their loved ones is. My experience of having faith in a reliable, loving creator has been pivotal in getting me through some really difficult situations and periods of my life.